Dwayne’s Housing is a grassroots company with a social mandate to abolish homelessness. We use highly innovative and flexible approaches to provide quality affordable housing, tailored to our clients. Our unique business model has effectively housed hundreds of the most needy of our homeless citizens, who put the greatest strain on social and financial services..

We adapt our services to clients and not clients to our services.

Dwayne’s Housing is known for:

  • Ensuring safe, secure, and clean housing throughout Edmonton.
  • Facilitating tailored services to meet clients’ needs.
  • Responding quickly to house people within hours and days of receiving a referral.
  • Approaching all clients on and case-by-case basis.
  • Working without judgment.
  • Treating people as equals and with unparalleled respect.


At Dwayne’s Housing we believe that one day our short term solution for the chronically homeless with the initiative taken by the community spirit of Edmontonians and Albertans will one day transition to ending homelessness.