Dwayne’s Housing is a grassroots company with a social mandate to abolish homelessness. Working with partners in the public, private, and social sectors since 2007, we use highly innovative and flexible approaches to provide quality affordable housing and tailored supports to our clients. Our unique business model has effectively housed hundreds of some of the hardest-to-house homeless individuals in Edmonton.

We adapt our services to clients and not clients to our services.

Dwayne’s Housing is known for:

  • Ensuring safe, secure, and clean housing throughout Edmonton.
  • Facilitating tailored services to meet clients’ needs.
  • Responding quickly to house people within hours and days of receiving a referral.
  • Using problem-solving techniques that draw on a solid network of partners.
  • Approaching all clients on and case-by-case basis.
  • Supporting companies and professionals who are working to help people improve their lives and to better society.
  • Working without judgment.
  • Treating people as equals and with unparalleled respect.
  • Giving people a chance when other programs haven’t.
  • Having a unique model that is producing results.


Homeless-free communities where everyone, regardless of background, lifestyle, ability, or creed, can live and thrive in safe, healthy and supportive permanent housing with dignity and pride.
At Dwayne’s Housing, we believe that one day, individuals with barriers that hinder their ability to sustain a safe and secure home will be immediately and adequately housed and supported without judgment. We envision a network of private, social, and public sector partners who work together diligently to ensure this common goal is achieved.

Spurred by a vision of a world in which society does not tolerate homelessness, our dedicated staff work with clients and trusted partners to end homelessness in Edmonton and beyond.
By dreaming big and keeping this dream alive, we know this vision will become reality. Contact us if you would like to be a part of the Dwayne’s Housing movement to abolish homelessness.