DowntownProud_2 In 2009 Martyshuk Housing partnered with the Downtown Business Association and Boyle Street Community Services to create Downtown Proud! Downtown Proud! is a social enterprise that provides employment and a litter free downtown. The crew – all formerly homeless – has become an integral part of the downtown scene, removing an average of 2000 litres of garbage a week!

DowtownProud_1Martyshuk Housing provides business guidance to Downtown Proud! and manages day-to-day operations. Martyshuk also houses some of the Downtown Proud! employees, ensuring the kind of safe and secure environment that increases the likelihood of employees reaching their goals of financial independence.

For more information about this unique private-non-profit partnership, please visit Boyle Street Community Services. You’ll also find Downtown Proud! employees’ success stories and information about how you can become a part of Downtown Proud!’s success.