Food/Clothing Bank

These services make a huge difference in many of our clients’ lives. We are happy to link them to food and clothing provision services if needed.


Dwayne’s Housing homes are furnished. Long-term clients can be put on a payment plan to own this furniture.

Home care

Interim home care is available in extreme cases when clients are unable to take care of themselves and their homes without daily assistance.


Clients are responsible for keeping their homes clean and many take pride in doing so. Our partner, Missing Link, is an invaluable resource that ensures rooms and common areas are clean by training clients on how to maintain cleanliness themselves and by performing housekeeping duties on a regular basis.


We provide short term affordable housing to those who are chronically homeless. Consisting of board and lodging from $800.00 to $1000.00, depending on living arrangement and the location.


Our maintenance staff monitor our properties to make sure that they are in line with health and safety standards. When major repair is required, we pull together the right team and take care of everything. Often, when clients move out, houses require a lot of work. It is normal for us to gut and rebuild areas within our homes or a entire apartment for the next resident.


We are in constant contact with many of our clients and get to know their needs. We encourage clients to connect with service providers and refer them when requested.


As part of our harm reduction strategy,¬†Dwayne’s Housing properties are equipped with surveillance cameras in common areas so that we can provide 24hr supervision for our clients. We also visit our properties regularly, enforce rules around visitors and alcohol/drug use, and observe living dynamics to maintain peace in every household. As a result, disputes, theft, and violence have reduced significantly. The surrounding communities have also experienced decreases in harmful activities.